Our Rose Quartz Roller Is Here.

We love tools you can use to enhance your skincare. The Rose Quartz Roller is a must have.


Hi! We're a Canadian skincare company dedicated to clean beauty & an ingredient called charcoal.



All our products are made, bottled + packaged by loving hands. No machinery here kids. Just handcrafted goodness.

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We keep things fresh by making our stock in small batches to ensure your product is at its best. 

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The true north strong and free. We are incredibly proud to be Canadian, so why wouldn't we make everything here? 


Our Second Bundle is here.

Get our new Rose Quartz Roller with our Serum, Mini Wash & Cleansing Mitt. A $95 Value for $75 including shipping.


A charcoal mask where you tailor it.

Mix it with your choice of water, honey or yogurt. Because everyones skin is different. 


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