Portland Beauty Round Up: What I Bought


As a beauty line it’s so important to look at what is out there and seeing what other brands are doing. I love getting inspired by other cities, brands and apothecary stores. Being based in Vancouver we are really lucky to have a lot of amazing clean beauty lines, but Portland has even more! I was so excited to find Porch Light in the Pearl District. This store has SO many beautiful things, that I ended going back there three separate times. (I know, how crazy) And I’ve been LOVING what I bought. So I thought I’d share!


Little Barn Apothecary - Clearing Mist

I definitely want to add a line of mists of our growing line so I’ve been researching like crazy. I’m a huge face mister, I’m constantly misting my face! Morning, mid-day and at night before bed. I really love the scent of this particular mist. It’s very masculine and refreshing. I also love that it has clearing properties. Licorice root is anti-inflammatory and spearmint is naturally soothing. It’s all natural and cruelty free.

I’m a huge lip tint user! I was really excited to see a new line to try. I usually stick with Ilia organics lip conditioner (highly recommend) This new one from Henne Organics is really lovely. The texture is super soft, no grit and the colour is really natural. I love something with a soft natural colour.


City of Night Candle by Tatine

This candle is INCREDIBLE! I’m absolutely obsessed with the scent. Its musky, sweet and citrus based all at the same time. Perfect for Fall.

Midnight Paloma