Empower//ed Series + Paperheart Calligraphy


Courtney Baker of Paperheart Calligraphy is someone I met through the Fall for Local community. She has an infectious smile and personality, I instantly connected with her energy. She's someone you just want to be around! We've collaborated on a couple different projects and I love everything her company stands for. So when she asked me to partake in her new 'Empower//ed Series' I jumped at the chance! Courtney is trying to prove that 'empowered women, empower women' and I love it. She's asked me: 'What empowers you?' It was a question that I had never really asked myself. I won't lie it took me some time and thought to think about my response, but after I thought about it, I knew what I wanted to say. 

Screenshot 2018-06-18 16.09.17.png
Screenshot 2018-06-18 16.02.47.png


"To me, empowerment means feeling comfortable in my own skin. This photo of me is makeup free, which might not seem like much but two years ago I wouldn't even play around with the idea of posting a photo on social media for all to see without my 'protective shield' on. Its taken me years to feel free of the anxiety of judgement and it is such an amazing feeling. I want every women to feel strong and comfortable enough to show their true beauty be it inner or outer. As women we are constantly fed an ideal of what beauty is supposed to look like, and I'm proud to be apart of a generation that is reversing those norms."

Midnight Paloma