Dry Brushing: What Are The Benefits?


Our Facial Dry Brush has been selling so well and we couldn't be happier! But a lot of people are sometimes unsure of what all the benefits are for daily facial brushing. The obvious one is exfoliation, but there are so many more. Awaken your face first thing in the morning, stimulate lymphatic drainage, tighten and tone - the benefits are endless. We recommend 4 steps to stimulate your lymphatic drainage but the most important part is that you are using your brush on clean, dry skin. 

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So, what is lymphatic drainage?

The lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system. It is responsible for ridding the body of toxins through lymph fluid. When lymph fluid is built up under the skin it can cause tired, puffy looking skin. Many of these lymph vessels run just below the skin and dry brushing regularly can help stimulate flow, helping the body to detoxify itself naturally.

For Acne: When there is a lot of inflammation on the skin or under the skin’s surface - ie cystic acne - our lymph nodes swell. This happens because they are acting as a factory that produce and store white blood cells and immune cells that create a defence. Dry brushing will help move lymph along the channel and clear up any excess white blood cells and inflammation near the cystic lesions - helping them to shrink faster, and reduce pain.


Tips for Brushing

  • Always use brush on clean, DRY skin. There should be no makeup on your skin when you dry brush. 
  • Use lighter strokes than body brushing
  • Use your Facial Brush 4-5 per week. You are more than welcome to use it everyday, but listen to your skin. If you have dry/sensitive/irritable skin we recommend starting off with 2-3 per week. 
  • Do not share your brush with anyone else.
  • Our synthetic brush is meant to cleaned every 1-2 weeks. Simply use any gentle shampoo, rinse and dry. Your brush should not be damp or wet. This is important.