Allergy Season: All Natural Tips for Relief

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My allergies have been insane this Spring! Last week I had some super intense sinus congestion paired with a crazy headache that seemed to last for days. I really hate relying on taking medication everyday. After doing some research, I’ve figured out some natural remedies that have worked incredibly well! I wanted to share them with you guys. 

  • I start with a warm damp cloth to break up anything trapped in my sinuses. Just holding it on your face and taking some deep breaths really helps.
  • Then, using our Dry Facial Brush (to help break up sinus congestion/get your lymphatic drainage going) I brush along the tops of my forehead, eyes, cheeks and down my face. It feels great, and you can feel the drainage happening. That paired with Saje Wellness Allergy Spray + Roll On has made a major difference! After I use Leaves of Trees Headache Balm instead of popping a Advil and I really notice a difference.
  • Other tips: Waking up and drinking lemon water is a great way to up your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C boosts your immunity which is what will help fight your allergic issues.
  • Adding Bee Pollen to your smoothie can help your tolerance to pollen. Important: it should be local bee pollen, you want the pollen that is in the air. (Please do your own research, some people have reactions to bee pollen.)
Midnight Paloma