Does Handmade Matter?

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Does handmade matter?

It may seem like a small detail but in a world where things are mass produced it’s sometimes nice to know where your products are being made. Embracing small batch may sometimes mean giving things up: price, availability but we think it is human nature to value the creative spirit and support locally made goods. We posted this on our Instagram and got an overwhelming amount of feedback. Reposts, comments and tons of likes. So we think it does matter! And we are so happy that people are aware of it. Vancouver has an incredible handmade, support local community and we hope that is spreading across Canada and the US. Here are some comments from our followers below.

@hulluhdesigns180 "I think handmade does matter!"

haileykreative "Handmade certainly matters! I love getting to the people behind the products I love and knowing that they love what they do makes it so much better. So much love for the homemade community in Vancouver. ❤️"

nutmegmylk "Love this post so much, such a great reminder why homemade matters 💕!"

mybunhead "So fun supporting small business and getting to know the people behind the brands. Being apart of such a supportive community has been one of the highlights of starting my business!!"

myname_is_miss "Handmade is what makes a product special and unique. Buying local and small businesses means supporting your community ❤️"

bobbibohoI "love handmade products. There's nothing like a handmade product... they're so unique and special. 💕"


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