Raw Honey, Plain Yogurt or Purified Water?


One thing that makes our mask super fun is that you choose what to mix it with: purified water, raw honey or organic plain yogurt. Making it easy to tailor your mask for your skin needs. So which ingredient do you choose? We break it down below!

Mixing w/ Purified Water - Best for All Skin Types: softens; purifies; balances skins PH (which means the skin will be at its healthiest and can protect itself from bacteria & pollutants)

Mixing w/ Raw Honey - Best for Dry Skin: anti-bacterial (great for acne prone skin) antioxidant rich (anti-aging) clears pores, extremely moisturizing & soothing.

Mixing w/ Organic Yogurt Benefits - Best for Oily/Acne Prone Skin: filled with natural lactic acid, dissolves dead skin + tightens pores; prevents breakouts; works to diminish fine lines; evens skin tone w/ gentle exfoliation.

Other ingredient benefits to note: 
Koalin Clay - absorbs excess oils, purifies, detoxifies
Rolled Oats - soothe irritation and redness
Rose Petals - hydration

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